resource advantage

Top investment institutions:'Lenovo Star' under 'Leadership Factory' and 'Lenovo'

Supply chain of the six central SOEs:Supported by billions of funds including China Clothing Import Co., Ltd., Xiamen Xiangyu Group, Anhui Wanxin Media Group, Huawei Pharmaceutical Group, Hunan Construction Bank, Beijing Jiayu Industrial Co., Ltd

Star shareholder:Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Ren Quan, Zhang Ziyi and Huang Bo jointly launched the Star Alliance Investment Agency 'Star VC'

KOL Masters Planting Grass:In-depth cooperation with head KOL experts, deep-growing products

Strong star lineup:Conduct multi-dimensional comparative analysis through domestic authoritative and guiding big data platforms, analyze category sales direction, user behavior, price range, etc. to guide selection

Senior Media in Fashion Circle:Born in the veteran fashion circle, integrating domestic first-class fashion magazines and top fashion media'Fashion Bazaar', 'Goodman', 'Fashion LOFFICIEL', 'Ruili', 'VOGUE', etc.